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Like you never had a filling...

That’s how composites look in your teeth - like you never needed a restoration at all. This alternative to amalgam fillings, which have a dark gray or silvery appearance, is becoming a very popular choice - especially among younger people.

Composite fillings are formed by combining tooth colored particles with silicon diocide to form a resin that looks and feels like a real tooth. Although they were once used only for small fillings and restorations to front teeth, today’s resins are strong enough for use on back teeth.

Composites hold well to the natural tooth and provide insulation to changes in temperature. They are strong and durable as well. Best of all, there’s no “metal mouth” look when you talk, smile, or eat. Composites take a little longer to place, but they can still be done in a single visit.

Choosing composite fillings exclusively can leave the impression that you’ve never had a filling at all. Instead, you maintain a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Only your dentist will know for sure whether your teeth have been restored.

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