We usually recommend complex full-mouth rehabilitation when patients have multiple problems in their mouths. We help people who are suffering from gum disease, discoloration, tooth decay, crooked teeth, and other problems, usually all at the same time.

Before we start your rehabilitation, we will need to do a thorough examination with X-rays to determine what treatments you will need. Since every mouth is different, we create a treatment plan just for you.

We are proud to use many different procedures to give you the smile that you deserve. You may need root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, among other treatments. Though some procedures are less complex than others, full-mouth rehabilitation uses all of our skills!

Your smile is a work of art, and we are here to help you enjoy your smile again! We want to alleviate any pain you might be having. We work hard to help our patients have a correct bite and healthy teeth to make them comfortable and happy.