In ancient civilizations, people used crude forms of braces made of catgut, bones, and metal in an attempt to close gaps and improve their smiles. While this wouldn’t be considered safe in modern times, it shows us that humans have always wanted to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth. So if you have misaligned teeth and unsure why you should straighten them, here are some benefits to motivate you call Zambito Family Dentistry.


5 Demonstrates the benefits of long-lasting effective straight teeth.

Better Digestion

Straight teeth chew food properly, which breaks down its components into smaller pieces. Doing this increases the surface area for digestive enzymes to work and extract nutrients for your benefit. But if your teeth are misaligned, your food won’t be finely chewed, leading to strain on the digestive system. The results? Discomforts like heartburn and cramps. Additionally, your body won’t enjoy all the nutrients from your food.

Lasting Teeth

Straight teeth handle the pressure of chewing and grinding without struggle, which helps them stay strong and last longer. Meaning, they won’t wear down as quickly as misaligned teeth do. When you chew with misaligned teeth, the pressure goes to the wrong areas which may cause them to break, chip, and crack. As a result, you may end up with dental conditions like cavities, decay, discoloration, gum disease, and more.

A Beautiful Smile

One of the top benefits of teeth straightening is a confident smile. When every tooth in your mouth is in the right place you’ll tend to smile more. Combine that with a whitening procedure, and your happiness levels improve by the day. But with misaligned teeth, you’ll have a problem smiling freely, contributing to conversations, and eating in public. This is a problem to solve with teeth alignment from a local dentist.

Better Speech

Teeth that have gaps, are sticking out, or are too crowded often affect how you speak. This happens because they prevent your tongue from moving and position your lips incorrectly during speech. You may notice mispronunciations of particular syllables. This condition may even make your voice different as it leaves your mouth cavity. But with aligned teeth, your diction and speech in general will be clearer. This may save you embarrassing situations in the long run.

Effective Cleaning

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are ineffective when your teeth have odd angles. Eventually, bacteria come in and cause bad breath, cavities, and other health issues. That’s why one of the lasting health benefits of straight teeth is easier cleaning. You’ll have better control as you brush and floss with aligned teeth.

How to Get Straight Teeth and Enjoy the Benefits?

A brief discussion on how to get straight teeth and enjoy its benefits.


Now that you understand the benefits of straight teeth, you’ll see why you need teeth alignment services. If you’re in Wheeling, you’re in for good news because Zambito Family Dentistry is available to offer you the best treatment. We serve Wheeling, WV and are readily available to schedule you for an appointment.