Regis D.

May 2009
Dear Dr. Zambito and Staff,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professional dental treatment that I have received during the past year. The dental implant procedure went very well and exceeded my expectations with minimal discomfort. My dentures with the new implants are so comfortable my mouth feels better than it had in years. The waiting period in between the various procedures and the cost involved were well worth it. No more of that sticky unreliable adhesive for me. Now I am able to eat and chew all foods including: corn on the cob, steak, salads and other heard to chew foods comfortably. Occasionally, I even treat myself to a nice thick chewy piece of caramel candy.

When I required minor adjustments to the dental work performed, your staff was most accommodating and quickly found time to make the necessary repair rapidly. For this I am very grateful also.

Dr. Z, the professionalism exhibited by your dental and administrative staff is above and beyond what is normally expected. Dr. Zambito, yourself and all of your staff members are a true credit to your profession and I would most highly recommend implant procedures to anyone who desires a better lifestyle.

Gratefully Yours, Regis D.