UV Angel Announces Partnership with Zambito Family Dentistry to Support
COVID-19 Prevention Measures

UV Angel Clean Air™ pathogen control technology installed at Zambito Family Dentistry

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (January 21, 2021) – UV Angel, maker of next generation pathogen control
technology, today announced a partnership with Zambito Family Dentistry to help create safer and
cleaner environments for its patients and staff through UV Angel Clean Air™. This added pathogen
control measure combats transmission risks and mitigates the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Together, UV Angel and Zambito Family Dentistry, will make the office air cleaner and safer. The UV
Angel Clean Air™ units autonomously treat the air without interrupting workflows.
“We want our patients and staff to feel comfortable when they walk through our doors,” said Dr.
Ricardo Zambito, founder and CEO of Zambito Family Dentsitry. “The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted
us to rethink the spaces we occupy. With the help of UV Angel, we will be monitoring and creating a
cleaner, safer environment 24/7/365.”

After careful research, our office has invested in state of the art, ceiling mounted UV air purifiers.
Zambito Family Dentistry is equipped with 11 UV Angel Clean Air™ units in total, covering all operatories
and the reception room. These pathogen control measures supplement our organization’s existing
protocols and strengthen its fight against COVID-19.

With a modern integrated design, UV Angel Clean Air™ combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a
proprietary UV-C air treatment system. Air containing dental aerosols is pulled into the sealed UV-C
chamber where it is treated with high-intensity UV-C light. The clean, treated air is then returned to the
room, where our staff and patients can breathe easier. By lowering the levels of harmful pathogens in
the air, the risk of exposure is reduced. The rooms are continuously treated and prevents 99.99% of
bacterial, fungal and viral surrogates.

“Our next generation cleaning technology helps make the world a cleaner and safer place,” said Tom
Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. “We are proud to partner with Dr. Zambito to help his team and patients feel
safe during important dental procedures.”

UV Angel products come with a robust data platform that provides users the ability to track key
performance indicators, access invaluable data and make well-informed decisions about pathogen and
infection control. For more information on UV Angel and its product, please visit uvangel.com.