TMD is a painful disorder of the jaw that for many years was called TMJ. The letters TMD stand for “Temporomandibular Disorder”, but most sufferers will tell you that TMD means pain. That pain may be found in the jaw, head, and neck and can range from a mild annoyance to nearly debilitating discomfort.

You should know the signs of TMD so that you will be prepared to seek a diagnosis and treatment should the problem affect you or a loved one. Common symptoms of TMD include:

  • Pain in the jaw and face, or a tight feeling in the same area; difficulty opening your mouth; or the jaw moving to one side when the mouth is opened.
  • Clicking of the jaw. Restrictions in opening the mouth.
  • Headaches in one or both temples upon waking.
  • Pain may also be present in and around the ears. Ear pain may occur during chewing, there may be a clogged sensation in the ears, or they may ring.

Any of these symptoms could indicate a TMD or other problem. Do not ignore pain or discomfort in this area. Seek professional diagnosis and treatment.