Family Friendly Dentistry in Wheeling WV

Sterilization Process

Sterilization Process at ZambitoAll instruments and hand pieces used during a procedure are taken to a sterilization room. Instruments are placed in color coded cases, hand pieces are broken down and put into an ultrasonic cleaning machine and run on a 10 minute cycle in a dual enzyme ultrasonic detergent pre-soak. After cycle is completed, instruments are rinsed, air dried and placed in a steam auto cleave at 270 degrees and 27 psi for 15 minutes.

Each operatory is stripped and sprayed with germicidal detergent that cleans and disinfects, wiped down, re-sprayed, and left to dry. Then the room is re-set and new disposables and sterile instruments are placed.

For Your Protection

Protection for staffAll staff members providing treatment wear gloves and masks, and disposables are used when ever possible. Each operatory is disinfected after each patient. All instruments are sterilized and put in cases or bagged, ready for next use.

Auto cleave is checked weekly for quality control by SMS (Sterilizer Monitoring Systems) to assure sterility.

Comfort Care

Audio – Radio headsets are provided upon patient request.
Homedics chairs that massage and have temperature control are available.

Blankets for patient comfort are available as well as head pillows.