WOW Whitening: Before and After Comparison

Before Teeth Whitening

Before Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening

“The Sapphire Crystal system was invented by Rembrandt, the original leader in tooth whitening technology.” This procedure is the top of the line in today’s whitening techniques.

“Sapphire Crystal” bleaching has been shown to be the most effective when combined with an at-home tray bleaching technique. The Deep Bleaching technique appears to get teeth significantly whiter than ever before possible. Patients who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked (because of ‘bleaching resistant teeth’) can now bleach significantly whiter. We combine our in office sapphire light whitening with at home whitening to achieve a superior result. We have had unbelievable shade changes with this new technique.

The Deep Bleaching technique takes approximately two weeks to be completed.

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Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips are used as an at home whitening system. It is professional strength at 42% bleach.

Rembrandt Trays and Gel

Using this at home whitening system, trays are made in the office and used at home for two hours daily for approximately 3 weeks until desired shade change is achieved.

Rembrandt In-office Whitening System

In a two-hour office visit, the patient is placed under a Sapphire Light for approximately one hour. At the end of that time your desired shade should be achieved. Most patients see 10 shades brighter  using the Rembrandt In-office Whitening System.